Gestalt IT Field Day – Here we go!

Thursday, Gestalt IT’s Field Day blogger event gets underway. I’m quite honored to be among the attendees during our stacked events in Silicon Valley. Field Day is a two-day event that is a collection of attendees and sponsors in an open exchange of products, ideas and opinions. The ‘flock’ of bloggers have been invited to descend upon Silicon Valley to engage in this special opportunity with the sponsors.

As a blogger, it is always nice to engage in face-to-face activity with fellow bloggers and focus on material of interest. The sponsors for Field Day are:

Data Robotics, Inc.
Mds Micro
Ocarina Networks

We will engage in hands-on demos, questions and answers as well as information exchange amongst the bloggers and sponsors. From the outside, Field Day may need some clarification. This is especially important with the forthcoming FTC regulations that apply to bloggers. As a side note, be sure to see my 10 Things about blogging post on TechRepublic. There I have some good information about the new regulations, including expert advice from Virtual Private Counsel Priya Marwah Doornbos from PMDLegal.

I want to now take a little time to disclose how Field Day works. The sponsors have provided the funds necessary to accommodate the attendees expenses of air travel (if necessary), hotel accommodations, and meals while we are in the area. All accommodations and services are reasonable and not extravagant – equivalent to what you would experience while travelling for your company. There is no money exchange except for any reimbursement for things like a taxi or the airfare that is coordinated for lowest fare via In my specific situation, I’ve taken vacation from work to allocate the time for the event.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get down to the cool part of Field Day. We have a whirlwind agenda that will expose us to a lot of technologies, some new and some familiar to me. Others in the blogger panel bring different experience to the panel. I will be posting blogs on the commercial sites for content that is relevant. So, be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep in the loop with Gestalt IT Field Day.


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