Day 2 recap of Tech Field Day

This week, I am attending Gestalt IT Field Day. During this event, Silicon Valley companies are allowing us to come in and see technologies in use. Friday was the final day of the event, and even though it was only two days we were busy all day long.

Friday started out at 7:30 AM with us leaving the hotel and heading over to Ocarina Networks, which was right across the street. Our session with Ocarina focused on compression and de-duplication for storage systems. It is an important distinction that Ocarina doesn’t sell storage but helps the storage you already have be utilized better. I have more on my observations of compression and de-duplication available at a blog I posted on TechRepublic.

Here are two shots from the Ocarina office:



The next presenter was cloud storage provider Nirvanix. Nirvanix provided an overview of the storage delivery network (SDN). Cloud storage is an area of particular interest to me, and I’ve provided a number of blog posts on the topic in relation to Nirvanix already. Here are a collection of the blogs related to Nirvanix that I’ve posted previously, all on my TechRepublic blogs:

SAS 70 Type II Compliance

Data protection may be best entry to the cloud

Cloud tools coming to market with federation

We then had lunch at the Ocarina office and listened to a presentation by W. Curtis Preston on a new web service he is launching called Truth In IT. The principle that Truth In IT is starting is to provide end-user focused technical resources that are independent of analysts, editors and vendors. Personally, I see it as a good idea – but quite the uphill battle.

One of the best parts of the Field Day organization is that we had a bus to transport us around to the various destinations. Here is a shot of us on the bus:


After lunch, we went over to Data Robotics, Inc. Data Robotics is the maker of the popular Drobo and DroboPro storage devices. Coming into this event, I had no prior knowledge of the Drobo product line. I must say that I walked out of the event with Drobo-Envy. As a blogger, I now need to disclose relevant information to any exchanges involved. I did receive a coupon for a discount on a future purchase from Data Robotics as well as a piece of Data Robotics-branded clothing. All disclosures aside, the Drobo products are very slick and easy to use. I was especially impressed with the quick rebuild times and über-cool design really caught my eye. I foresee me purchasing this device for my home storage network in the near future.

After our visit to Data Robotics, we finished the formal Tech Field Day agenda. Our first stop afterwards was to Frye’s Electronics. There, we walked and looked at “STUFF”, a requirement for the technical folk. I wasn’t there to shop, but instead engaged in good conversation with Devang Panchigar on storage topics. Devang is a very sharp storage resource, and I’m happy to have had the chance to get to know him a bit. While I didn’t shop, Bas Raayman did! He purchased a new MacBook Pro. It is apparently much cheaper to purchase here due to the import tax situation.

Here is Bas coming out with his new purchase:

Simon Seagrave of TechHead also purchased some goodies at Frye’s:


After our visit to Frye’s, I had the opportunity to participate in Infosmack Podcast #29 with host Greg Knieriemen. During the podcast, we had an opportunity to summarize the event as well as plan for what we are looking for in future events like this.

After the podcast and a brief break, we headed over to a very nice dinner at Antoinella’s for a wonderful Italian meal. There we had good discussion on the event, and we all look forward to the next Gestalt IT Tech Field Day! Here is a picture from the dinner table:


After dinner, we came back to the hotel and it is was unfortunately clear that there was alcohol involved by the look of this Juicy Hug between Steven Foskett and Ed Saipetch:


My ride to the airport leaves momentarily, and I’ll need to be off the grid for a while. I am on an overnight flight back to Columbus, and am happy to get back to the family and give my wonderful wife a break for covering all of the domestic tasks during my absence.

Finally, I want to give big thanks out to Steve Foskett and the organizers of Tech Field Day. It was an honor to participate as well as a pleasure to meet up with blogosphere colleagues old and new.


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