Tech Field Day Presentation Ideas

Moments ago, my new friend Rich Brambley posted a nice blog about how to give presentations to engineers on the VM/ETC site.  I agree with Rich on many points of his piece, yet wanted to weigh in on a few points from my observations from Tech Field Day in this regard.


This is new to everyone

There is very little precedent, and the sponsors involved did the best that they could in this situation in my opinion. The sponsors have an challenge to squeeze a lot of information into a little time, and the mechanics of it all may be tough to meet the time requirements.  But make no mistake, I could not have been happier with the logistics of the event. This is a big part on the sponsors, as well as the event organizers (Steve, Claire, others).

The whiteboard time is the best

I am sure that at some point during the event, every delegate had an opportunity to talk on the sidelines with one of the sponsoring companies. In my case, those were the most enriching discussions that I had during the event. I spent time talking at length with John Troyer from VMware, John Toor from Xsigo(it is pronounced See-Go), with the other attendees about the topics at hand and countless others during the event.

We could pass on the labs next time

To allow more time to discuss, whiteboard and ask questions about the products. Sure, I enjoyed the task creating virtual HBAs and vmics for vSphere with Xsigo (be sure to check my blog on Virtualization Review about that) and the compression exercise at Ocarina, but the time with the experts in interactive discussion may have been better used that way. Besides, I was ‘Fingers-On-Fire’ guy getting my blogs online as soon as possible! A small window of time to permit that time to get the ideas down works for me!

Part of it is on us

We were not always timely either it turns out. We need to arrive when we say we will arrive, and leave when we say we are going to leave! We don’t want to be unruly guests, now do we?

Keep it edgy

Bring on the competition! Lets talk about them, one of the key criteria of Tech Field Day attendees is that we are a neutral bunch. Further, we are each generally able to blog our opinions on the competition for each product as well as what we see from the sponsors.

Summarizing presentation logistics

I hope that the sponsors look back on their effort at Tech Field Day and find that it is worthwhile. For me, it was a good use of my time (I took personal vacation time, by the way). I further hope that I can participate in future Tech Field Day events.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. […] Tech Field Day Presentation Ideas […]


  2. Great points Rick.

    For the record, I am extremely pleased and impressed with the logistics and the planning/execution of the events’ organisers and sponsors.

    I could not agree more with the idea of forsaking a lab for more whiteboard time. In retrospect, I ended up at the white board instead of performing a lab in at least one session and having q&a instead of labs in a few others.

    BTW, you are a blogging and column writing machine! You’ve done at least 10 posts since last Thurs! I am in awe.


  3. Thanks, Rich. I think we as a collective community can shape the logistics/ scheduling to be a win-win-win situation: Sponsors->Delegates->Social Media Community.

    As for the blogging, yes, I am some sort of anomaly in the blogosphere. My trouble is I want to be the broad technologist, spreading the r


  4. nice answers i like it


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