Pac-10 Race Heating Up – Pressure on the Ducks

I mentioned earlier that it may not be Oregon to face Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. There is a stir of discussion around this, notably this article by Ken Goe at The Oregonian. Here he mentions that the Ducks need to take care of business on the field and close the doors on the past. In 2007 in Arizona, Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon suffered a season-ending injury that shuttered their national title and his Heisman trophy hopes.

Also showing up on the grid is chatter about Stanford possibly going to the Rose Bowl. At, the scenario for the Cardinals to go to Pasadena is laid out as:

Arizona beats Oregon (Puts Ducks at 2 losses in conference)
Arizona loses against Arizona State or USC (puts Arizona at 3 losses in conference)
Oregon beats Washington State (puts Oregon at 3 losses in conference)
Oregon to be victorious over Oregon State (puts Oregon State at 3 losses)

I actually think Arizona will beat the Ducks this weekend. I further think USC can beat Arizona, that game is at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Oregon should have no problem over Washington State. The Oregon over Oregon State game gets the Beavers out of the way amongst the two-loss teams in the Pac-10.  I actually see this being a realistic situation for the Cardinals.

I think this is quite the drama to determine who will be the conference champion, but there is a lot of football to be played yet.


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