Farewell Ye Blogger – Have Thick Skin

One of the critical points to being a blogger is to be able to take criticism. A recent post I did on TechRepublic identifying the best resource for cloud computing terms caused a real stir from the members there. The resource is a free PDF download from the Burton Group. This requires a registration to download the resource.

People have gone crazy. Goodness. Check the comments on the link if you have a moment. The irony is that it is my expectation that if someone is curious enough to read on about cloud computing, that email management including filters and address aliasing would not be far behind.

In another TechRepublic piece. I wrote these 10 Things you should know about bloggers and blogging, and one of them is to have thick skin.  Early on in my writing prowess, this could have really knocked me down but not now. If you are thinking of getting into commercial blogging, be strong ye blogger and have thick skin.


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  1. […] believe bloggers need to have thick skin, both in what is said and what is unsaid as it now seems. I’m not in the wrong here, am I? Share […]


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