Economics, Michigan and Memories

Recently here in Columbus (Ohio), I have seen a surprisingly large number of Michigan license plates on vehicles. Sure, I have an eye for them as I lived there for a long time and miss the place a lot. But, I believe a lot of people are coming down here for jobs. I guess that is my story as well, actually. What is somewhat disturbing is that I’m seeing a large number of service businesses here. This includes electricians, plumbers and mechanical service type businesses. These work vehicles are here, definitely out of their normal territory but likely here because there are client opportunities.

Two weeks ago, we  went up to the pleasant town of Frankenmuth, Michigan for the weekend. During our drive North on Friday, this was evident as many of these service vehicles shared the road with us as we headed toward Michigan.

It is good that they can keep jobs, even with the commuting effect but it is a sad reminder of the realities facing the Great Lakes state. I still have many ties to the region, and hope that the economy returns to the state. For those of you considering a different place for a vacation, consider Michigan. Tourism is the state’s second largest economic category, and there are plenty of awesome venues in the state. Prices are reasonable, summers are mild, and the scenery is great. Email me at if you want any recommendations.



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