Pac-10 picture clearer, I think

I have been following the Pac-10 drama to try to forecast whom will be the Buckeyes opponent in Pasadena. While I thought the Wildcats could upset Oregon, the Ducks prevailed in double overtime. Like many others, I thought Arizona had a chance and they definitely gave the Ducks a fight. It also settles my concerns about Oregon’s defense and the points scored. Working backwards, Oregon opponents have scored 41, 21, 51, 20 and 19 points in their last five games. The most recent being the 44-41 win at Arizona in double overtime.

My beloved Stanford is knocked out of outright Pac-10 title contention with the Arizona win coupled with the Oregon State head-to-head loss on October 10. Arizona of course is out with their loss to Oregon. As for Oregon State, I don’t exactly know what will come of the upcoming Oregon vs. Oregon State game. Here are the current Pac-10 standings:


The numbers point to Oregon winning, but the winner of that game will meet the Buckeyes in Pasadena. I think the ducks will prevail due to this game being in Eugene. Will the Rose Bowl look like this?


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