Social Media Sticky Situation

As a blogger, I recently was given the opportunity to receive a briefing about an upcoming software product. This was from a software company that we all know about. The sequence of events were that I was told of a new product was going to be released and offered a telephone briefing. Not knowing anything more than that, I decided to take the call during my lunch hour. Moments before the briefing (it was a bridge line), I was sent a draft of the press release for the product. I reviewed it as I could before the call and then participated in the call for about 30 minutes asking questions and hearing the pitch for the new product.

All of that is run of the mill blogger stuff. By the way, be sure to see my 10 Things about Blogs and Bloggers item on TechRepublic. I think that is one the best things I’ve ever written.

So, up to that point it was typical blogger protocol. So, in planning out my content for my commercial blogs for the week after the briefing I decided against blogging about it. Partly because I was somewhat neutral on the product (which is only an announcement to this point), it is a crowded space and I could probably come up with some other content that is more relevant to my readers.

The sticky part is that the individual whom arranged the call seemed a little upset that I didn’t blog about it. I was surprised at that. Honestly, I’ve had many briefings where I haven’t blogged or otherwise written about the material. Is there an expectation otherwise?

I believe bloggers need to have thick skin, both in what is said and what is unsaid as it now seems. I’m not in the wrong here, am I? Share your comments below.


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