HP StorageWorks TechDay Next Week!

Next week, I will be in Houston for the next iteration of HP StorageWorks Tech Day. This is one of the new-age social media events that puts independent bloggers that are in the technical trenches right in touch with top-level engineers and product representatives.

Last year, I participated in the inaugural TechField Day by Gestalt IT in San Jose, CA for my first event of this type.

This event will feature two days of HP storage technologies exclusively. I was not able to make last year’s HP StorageWorks event in Colorado Springs, but this event should be a winner.

There are nine attendees (including myself) to this event:

Name (@TwitterHandle) website
Rich Brambley  (@rbrambley) http://vmetc.com/
John Obeto (@JohnObeto) http://absolutevista.com
Devang Panchigar  (@StorageNerve)  http://storagenerve.com
Simon Seagrave (@kiwi_Si) http://www.techhead.co.uk
Chris Evans (@chrismevans) http://www.thestoragearchitect.com
Rodney Hayward (@rodos) http://rodos.haywood.org
Brad Sams (@bdsams) http://www.neowin.net
Kirby Wadsworth (@AceSage) http://www.storagesanity.com/

Look for the #HPStorageDay Twitter tag as well as a number of blog posts from myself and the other attendees.

Disclosure: I will be attending this event and have been provided airfare, meals and accommodations by the event organizer. The opinions mentioned will be a result of an in-person demonstration of the technologies discussed. Read my full blogging disclosure here.


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