Things That Drive Me Crazy

OK, I have to rant a bit. Lately, some things have really started to itch my tickler the wrong way. The best way to deal with them is to get them out there in the form of a rant blog. Here are things that really drive me crazy!


    Public Places

    -Double door only using one door. I’m not left-handed, but many public places only unlock the door “with the key lock” of double door sets. Usually that is the intuitively right-handed door of a double door set. So, I usually flip the base or top end lever to unlock the other door.

    -Heavy doors. Maybe doors are frequently incorrectly installed, but I have come across so many heavy doors, or doors that require too much tension to extend open. Really irritating.

    US Mail

    -Soft Saturdays. I know there is debate on whether or not to remove Saturday delivery. I almost wonder if the Post Office has already conceded to the fact. When was the last time you got a substantive piece of mail on Saturday?


    -The elitist next to me. This person must be hot-stuff. They are clearly too good to wait in the lane to make the desired turn, so it makes perfect sense to just cut over near the exit or intersection. I hope you don’t pull that jack move in front of me. New car and all, I’m not letting you over.

    Big Box Retail

    “Did you find everything you were looking for?” No, I reply. Why ask if you are not going to do anything about it?

    -Coupons: Send me coupons that are not valid yet. Yes, I’m talking to you, Costco. If you are going to send me a coupon, at least let me be able to use it. Expiration dates are tough enough of a thing to manage.

    -Rearranging the store: Costco again is the offender. Please! I only have so much time in my life let alone each day. First it was bread moved away from the bakery area (of course!) and put way on the other side of the store by health and beauty aids (Yeah, silly me!). Then it was reverse orientation of the health and beauty aids section (Costco corn maze if you will). Finally it was removing canned juice and milk from the area near sodas and putting them somewhere else!

    OK, I feel better. Thanks for reading!


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