This week: Hitachi Data Systems blogger day

As a blogger, one of the popular things of late is to attend a ‘blogger day’ of some type. Ironically, they are usually a day and a half. Thus far I’ve been invited to the inaugural Gestalt IT Tech Field Day last winter in Northern California as well as the upcoming Tech Field Field Day 3 in Seattle this July. The other blogger event I’ve participated in was the HP StorageWorks Tech Day. I received an invitation to attend a blogger day event by Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) for this week in San Jose, CA.


I was honest with the event planner in saying I had no prior knowledge of HDS products, none at all. I guess I could say that all I know is that “people who know storage way better than me" really like HDS products, referring to HDS products as top of the line. Ironically, most of those people will be in attendance at the event. The attendees include (their Twitter handles and web sites follow):


        Devang Panchigar – 
        Chris Evans   @chrismevans 
        Rick Vanover @rickvanover {yours truly!}
        Bas Raayman – 
        Greg Knieriemen – 
        Nigel Poulton – 
        Phil Jaenke –  
        Paul Miller – 
        Simon Long – 
        Elias Khnaser –

I have no impressions going in. One of my goals are to understand the Hitachi vs. HDS relationship, as Hitachi supplies a lot of products to other storage suppliers including HP, NetApp, IBM and others. The other, more important goal, is to determine if these products are so good; does the average IT infrastructure need to know about them? How much do they cost? What differentiates these products from other competing series?

I have quite the product roadmap to read up on before Tuesday, but if there are questions or thoughts you have. Send me an email at b4real at usa dot net or leave a comment below.

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