Tokyo Next Week: Hitachi uVALUE, HDS Geeks

Next week I will be in Tokyo for the Hitachi uVALUE convention and additional time with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) in the form of additional blogger events. This is a follow-up to last month’s inaugural HDS Geek Day.


This event will be part blogger event like we have had in the past, but we will get a peek inside the Hitachi side of HDS. Make no mistake, HDS as we know it in the US is based in Santa Clara but the Japanese arm of HDS and the larger Hitachi are a significant part of the company. Our agenda is still being finalized, but the posse is a familiar bunch:


My objective going in will be to get a little deeper on some of the VMware integrations as HDS is on the first list of VAAI integration partners. I also want to dig a little deeper into the AMS 2000 series. My personal blog post of notes for this product was really popular for some reason. I also want to get a feel for their virtualization strategy. VMware-based technologies is my primary focus area for social media, and I see opportunity for HDS to keep developing their strategy.

Tomorrow night we have our briefing and some details about the event. I’ll surely drop some blogs and Tweets on the events in Tokyo. I know that one of our stops will be Hitachi uVALUE convention in central Tokyo, part of Hitachi’s 100th anniversary. 100 years, Hey Now!

Stay tuned for more information on this event!

Disclosure Information: Like other blogger events, this is governed by my official disclosure statement.


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