Ultra-Cheap Android Tablets Showing Up

Late night browsing had me stumble across this post at Android Reviewer where a $150 is now available at KMart. That’s awesome, except it doesn’t look like it is available online. I have philosophical objections to Apple, so will be avoiding the iPad. I’ve been anxiously awaiting Android tablets, and now we are seeing products come into market. KMart will be selling the GenTouch 78 for $150. The unit is shown below:

image Again sourcing the Android Reviewer article the specs for the tablet are:

7″ Capacitive Touchscreen
Android 2.1
800MHz processor
2GB of Internal Memory
256MB of Ram
Android Market Access

You may have noticed that I recently purchased a Droid X phone. I’m going to do a review of the device, so I’ve kept details on the experience tight. Stay tuned for that.

My take on tablets is that they are disposable devices. And $150 is the right price in my opinion. Yes, this is coming from the guy who puts a $100 microphone onto a six year-old laptop (#VirtumaniaEffect) and buys a $200 phone yet rides a $100 bike. I’m just saying..

Anyways, I may experiment with this tablet. Just in time for Back to School and VMworld!

4 responses to this post.

  1. For a $150 dollars, I think I’m going to K-mart tomorrow and trying this thing out. Wife can have the iPad.

    You’ll have to share your experience.


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rick Vanover and Jeremy L. Gaddis, Luigi Danakos. Luigi Danakos said: RT @RickVanover: New blog post: Ultra-Cheap Android Tablets Showing Up http://bit.ly/cskesi […]


  3. Sean:

    A friend of mine bought one and is returning it. He says it is a piece of crap.

    Also, no Android Market app currently on it. #FAIL


  4. Picked up a 2nd hand Apad tablet the other day and was a bit dissapointed with it – essentially my touch HD2 running Froyo is better.
    Still it was cheap 🙂


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