Pay-Per-VM Pricing Notes

One of the aspects of vSphere from the recent 4.1 release is the introduction of per-VM pricing for advanced features. My initial reaction is negative to this, as I’d like my VM deployments to be elastic, to expand and contract features without cost increases. With my grumblings, I decided it was important to chew on the details of per-VM pricing for vSphere.

The most important detail to note is that per-VM pricing is only for vCenter AppSpeed, Capacity IQ, Chargeback, and Site Recovery Manager virtual machines. Traditional VMs that are not monitored or managed by these add-ins are not (yet) in the scope of per-VM pricing. Other vSphere products that are not included in per-VM pricing: vCenter Heartbeat, Lab Manager, Lifecycle Manager, and vCenter Server.

Read the entire post in the Everyday Virtualization blog at Virtualization Review.



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