VMworld 2010 Next Week!

Next week is the big week, VMworld 2010 in San Francisco. This will be my third trip to the virtualization conference. I don’t expect this year to be very different from previous visits, except that I think I can squeeze more in this time.


I’m not looking forward to being exhausted at the end of the week, but it goes with the territory. I’ve compiled a few posts at Virtualization Review on my take on the event:

imageI am definitely looking forward to the week ahead, yet not looking forward to being totally wiped out. I will surely have a good time and learn a few things along the way. I should count how many times I hear the word “Cloud” at the event, but in all seriousness I am up to the challenge to go and build a private cloud to the level I’m able.

If you will be at VMworld, you can catch up with me and my fellow Virtumaniacs at the Virtumania/Infosmack Tweetup.I’ve got a Flip camera now, so I may just pipe up and make an interview out of it!

Let’s make it a great show. Ciao for now.


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