Storage administration terminology cheat sheet for newbies

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to learn a new technology and not being able to keep up with basic instruction. This is partially representative of my own journey into storage, as historically I’ve focused on servers, virtualization, and operating systems. Storage administration is a peculiar segment of IT, and there are a number of terms and acronyms that go along with it. Here are some of the terms that I have taken in during my journey:

1. Thin provisioning:

Disks are expensive, and many administrators make the case to provision volumes at any level as a thin provisioned solution. This effectively doesn’t count free space as used even though it is allocated.

2. Hot spots:

A hot spot is an area of disk that receives a large amount of I/O from the storage consumers. This can be due to a number of logical unit numbers (LUNs) residing on a single disk or simply a very busy single LUN. The objective of a storage administrator is to mitigate the hot spots across the available storage.

Read the full list of 9 terms at the Network Administrator blog at TechRepublic.



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