Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Review Underway

Last week, I mentioned how I am going to start a review of the new Lenovo M75e desktop system. I’m a few days into using the system and have been very happy with its performance thus far. I’ve been using the Lenovo build of Windows 7 (Professional) and have done the following tasks so far without issue:

  • Joined the RWVDEV.INTRA domain (my personal lab) and applied all group policies correctly.
  • Connected both ThinkVision displays successfully.
  • Connected a UPS battery.
  • Connected a USB hard drive (ioSafe SoloPRO).

I’ve used the OEM image exclusively so far, and don’t foresee needing to wipe the image at this point. The Lenovo image has a few good things going for it for Windows 7, and I don’t foresee needing to change much.

I’ve only installed the Opera Browser and an application to tether my phone for web access, and the Experience Index rating is 3.5 as I’m using it thus far. I’ve not started up Microsoft Office locally, but will soon. The rating is shown below:

imageFrom a chassis standpoint, there are a few design comments on the ThinkCentre M75e:

  • The system is light and easy to move
  • There are four USB ports on the rear of the device, I could find myself wanting more on the read; but that is likely fine for most situations. There are still two on the front that I have available.
  • The included keyboard and mouse are quite suitable for my needs. My only complaint is that the non-skid pads on the keyboard keep sliding out and then it slides around easily. These aren’t the “IBM keyboards” that will last forever, but they offer a good spring to the key touch without feeling flimsy. The non-skid pads are critical to the experience being positive, however.

I’ll post more on the ThinkCentre M75e later this week, I’m uploading videos as we speak!


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