Microsoft Cloud Blogger Roundtable (UK)

There was a recent blogger roundtable event in the UK for Microsoft’s Cloud Services offering. I’ve collected some links to the YouTube videos of the event. Here is one takeaway, “Every Microsoft product will either run in the cloud or have connectivity to the cloud.” That is what Steve “Planky” Plank (Plankytronixx MSDN blog) says after the event.

This is the introduction video to Microsoft IP EXPO 2010.

Zane Adam also gave a speech introducing himself and the Azure services:

This video has some of the Azure Database services discussed by Zane Adam as well as many other various questions and answers:


I’ll not make any opinions about it, but in a sense; I take Microsoft seriously in their cloud offering.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Ah that will be my balding pate on the third video then…..


  2. Chris: I love how you wore the HP shirt!


  3. Ah yes, I forgot about that! Totally accidental of course….. not!


  4. Well hey, there are probably Amazon shirts out there. That would have been less tactful I suppose!


  5. Someone send me an amazon shirt for the next one 😉


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