The real winners… Feeding America and Wolf Run – Compliments of Veeam

Earlier this year, Veeam sponsored a blogger contest to launch Veeam Reporter Free Edition. The  objective of the contest was to drive the most downloads of the free edition of Reporter, and the winner would receive a voucher to sponsor a charitable donation.

I was lucky enough to win the contest! The competition was fierce, as virtualization expert Jason Boche slid in as a close second place. But the real winners are the charities.


Veeam utilized the CharityChoice program to facilitate the donations. For my elections, I split the $1,000 prize between two charities: Feeding America and Wolf Run Sanctuary.

I chose Feeding America, a national program to fight hunger in the US, to address hunger during the holidays for Americans. Nobody should go hungry.

I chose the Wolf Run Sanctuary because the land is one of the most precious resources we have in America. The sanctuary is located in mid-Michigan, and provides wildlife refuge as well as being a great place for nature programs.

Disclosure note: Veeam provided the money for the donations. This has nothing to do with my recent employment with Veeam.


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  1. Congrats Rick! Great charity selections!


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