Questions that Google PR never answered

When Google released their public DNS offering, there were two main reactions that followed:

1.Wow this is a FAST DNS resolver!

2. Oh… I don’t trust Google with this.

Regardless of where you sit on the fence, there is no way to deny Google’s influence on the Internet and more. I reviewed the privacy policy for Google’s DNS service and asked on January 28, 2010 a number of questions and sent a reminder. Here what didn’t receive answers:

Question 1: City/Metro Data

In the DNS privacy policy:, it notes that this information is kept at a city/metro level permanently to conduct debugging, analyze abuse phenomena and improve the Google Public DNS prefetching. In the FAQ, it says that Google does not share the information it collects from the Google Public DNS service with anyone else.

Does this apply to city/metro data as well. Further, are any larger collections treated the same way? Examples would be country, continent or regional patterns. If not treated any different, how are they treated in interpretation of the privacy policy?

Question 2: Temporary logs

In the privacy policy, it states that detailed logs are deleted every 24 to 48 hours. Internally to Google, can you give a sense of how access to that data and access to that data is protected given that Google DNS is a globally distributed system?

Question 3: Modeling/Tokenization of data

At face value, one may interpret the FAQ and privacy information to think that the data may be used to populate a model or otherwise replaced with a token to replace real DNS traffic with an artificial representation of DNS traffic.  Is anything like that used, or are any additional steps taken with the DNS data that are not listed in the FAQ and privacy pages (or other resources)?

Question 4: Financing/Funding

I realize that Google has money yet is in the business of making money. What is the internal cost justification for Google DNS and how would you explain its internal funding?

Question 5: TTL and Prefetching

Is Google DNS doing anything with TTL caching that may not be from the authoritative nameserver?  This stems from one reader’s concern over the prefetching and possibly modifying the TTL values. Can you enlighten any more on the prefetching operations?


3 responses to this post.

  1. nice post


  2. Posted by Alexandru on December 27, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    I don’t see the sense in this questions and how they can help in daily activity the author of this post or other admins. IMHO.


  3. @Alexandru I respect your comments, but even a response like what you gave is better than what I received.


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