Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Review-LCD Discounts

As an ongoing piece of my review of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e, I came across a discount code applicable for the ThinkVision L2250p LCD display device. This is part of the equipment that I’m evaluating with the ThinkCentre M75e.

For the L2250p display device, here is the 30% off code:


This is valid until 12-31 (sorry for the short notice!) but gives 30% off of the price of the unit. The MSRP is $249.99 – so that’s a pretty sweet price. Here is a link to the PDF on the device.


I’ve used the unit since the review started, and here are my observations:


The display does fine, it powers on quickly and jumps immediately into the display. The base is sturdy and the tilt/lift for positioning is fine. I’ve used both analog video and HDCP and they both perform fine.


I don’t game, but do stream things like Netflix. The device does fine and looks great. I do not like the buttons, however. The buttons on the bottom right of the device are raised from the flush body of the display. The power button is on the far right. I find myself accidentally turning off the display by just the slightest bump of the button. This could be my mouse moving around (even the mouse cable hit the power button once), my knuckles or anything else in the vicinity. Any slight touch will turn the device off. I’m not wild about that.

Look and feel

The L2250p  has a very professional look and feel, with red on black company branding on the front and a slick presentation on the rear. The unit is not heavy or unnecessarily deep and ships in a nice compact box.

Overall on L2250p

Very good performing unit. The power button is really an annoyance, however. I’d consider a different product design or different placement if possible to ensure nothing goes near the front control panel.


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