Buyer tips for new mobile phones

It is pretty hard to avoid, a slew of new phones and technologies are out there today. It seems you can’t go through a retail store without looking at iDevice this or 4G that it seems.

This is a classic case of FUD! There are a lot of details with mobile phones that any store won’t tell you. Here are some tips for the buyer to be informed:

-4G isn’t everywhere. Yes, it works great in the store. But by no measure is that a gauge of what you will get running around with the device. Specifically, will it work at your house or office? This is the big question, as these two locations are where you will likely use the device most. My recommendation is to do the following:

  • Ask to borrow a device and take it home to see if you get the premium coverage. They probably won’t permit it, but it is worth starting a movement. Also consider finding a friend with the same device and carrier to come by your home or office to display the actual service.

-Don’t believe everything you hear or see. Many retail facilities, such as a shopping mall, have carrier repeater towers. There is a reason that you get such good service deep inside the mall. If the store tells you there is no such thing as an in-building repeater, leave – don’t buy from them!

-Shop for hard features. “Soft” features such as specific versions of software are important, but the durability and function of the equipment I would argue are more critical. Features such as docking options for cars, lanyard loops, button ease of use, volume control and charging options are more practical features I believe.

These just came to me, I may have more. But, if you have some tips on purchasing mobile phones; share your comments below.


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  1. Posted by Greg on January 19, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Hey Rick, check this out…

    “There is a technical definition that’s controlled by the ITU, which is a body that’s run by the U.N. And people might be amazed to discover that no current network advertising itself as 4G actually meets those requirements.”

    “… the only proposed standards that meet that definition are WiMax 2 and LTE Advanced, and neither of those standards even exist yet in a commercial network.”

    “… there is a big difference between LTE and LTE Advanced”

    So what do carriers mean by 4G? Is it false advertising or what?


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