Self-sanitizing keyboards–Vioguard

Trolling around on Twitter yesterday, @JohnObeto released a Tweet that caught my eye:

Just got off a briefing with John Sharps, co-founder of Vioguard which makes self-sanitizing keyboards Blog post later.

This caught my eye for a number of reasons. First of all, a number of years ago I pursued a job as an IT services provider specialized to the dentistry industry. This would have been a cool solution for that space. Secondly, as a customer in modern doctors offices; I find myself studying the hardware a lot.


John mentioned Vioguard. I guess the name is because  Bioguard was taken. Heck, V’s are cool – so I’m down with it. But, the root of the matter is that this is cool. A keyboard that can self-sanitize. It appears that Vioguard is in the early stages, as on the footer of their website it states that the device is for investigational use only. Below is the keyboard:


The takeaway here is that in medical and lab situations, the computer is now part of the instrumentation. Therefore, it should be able to be subject to the same sanitary levels as more traditional instruments such as knives and other surgical equipment. I think this is brilliant and a way to embrace IT in medical and laboratory environments. Cool!


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