5 Gas saving to reduce fuel by 10% or more

These tips will reduce your fuel consumption by 10% or more. While they won’t exactly hedge off the recent gas spikes, they nonetheless will help everyone’s personal finances.

  1. Reduce RPMs. Most engines hit maximum efficiency at 2,000 RPMs or so. This makes a big difference in fuel burn. In most vehicles at highway speeds, this means that 60-68 miles per hour seems to be the best fuel burn for 2,000 RPMs. Get to know you tachometer.
  2. Coasting. If you increase your coasting, especially on roads that are like 45 miles per hour with stoplights; you can increase your fuel efficiency.
  3. Tire air pressure. Ensure that the tires are to the correct PSI. If they are low, there will be more “tire on the road” increasing drag.
  4. Fuel program. Sign up for a fuel program, such as Speedway’s Speedy Rewards. Further, they allow you to check fuel prices online. Find the best price store on your route and use the program. You can also redeem points for discounts on fuel. There are a number of other programs, including those through grocery stores.
  5. Consolidate trips. This seems obvious, but don’t go somewhere just for one thing. Chances are, we can usually go without. Save it for next time you are in the area.

Do you have any gas saving tips? Share your comments below.

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