My take on Citrix acquiring Kaviza

Last year, when I blogged about Kaviza’s sub-$500 VDI solution; I was impressed with the technology they provide. The Kaviza solution as it stood last year functioned as shown in the figure below:


Here is a snippet of the email I received today from Kumar K. Goswami, VP Products at Citrix regarding the news:

Now, increased investment by Citrix in desktop virtualization will put even more resources into our product innovation and customer support. By joining forces with one of the world’s leading desktop virtualization companies, we believe we can fulfill our mission of enabling customers to deliver fast ROI from their virtual desktops, and sustain that ROI over time as their organizations change and grow.

Our work is far from finished. All Kaviza employees will become part of a new organization within Citrix, leading the charter of delivering easy, affordable VDI for SMBs. Your customer support and sales contacts and processes remain unchanged, as do order management and pricing. All Kaviza partners can continue to sell and support the product. The Kaviza leadership team will continue to lead the VDI-in-a-box product and the go-to-market efforts within Citrix.

My take is very simple here: Citrix may get further into the VDI business on VMware platforms. Further, this can be done at price points that may be more attractive. What I really like also is that HDX protocol is important. See my post last year on why VDI display protocols are important.

Overall, this is good for VDI. This brings a mainstream brand into the VDI-in-box arena and I see nothing but success in this space. I’ll keep watching it for sure!


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