Use delegated control to delete accounts in Active Directory

In the course of administering Active Directory, there are basically two types of people when it comes to utilizing the delegated control capabilities: People who use it a lot, and people who don’t use it at all. In my previous Windows Server tip, I explained that it is a good idea to put Active Directory accounts into holding patterns with dsquery. When the time comes and you need to start deleting accounts in Active Directory, delegated control is a great way to make that happen. Delegation within Active Directory allows one or more tasks or actions to be permitted with rules set by administrators.

A good example of using delegation is giving the PC support team the ability to delete computer accounts within Active Directory to go with the day-to-day tasks of administering client computing devices. This logic can be applied to virtually everything in Active Directory, and it is relatively easy to set up.


Read the entire post at TechRepublic.


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