What is VMunderworld?

It is no secret that there is great hype around VMworld. Further, we all seem to want a piece of the action. There were so many great sessions submitted this year, that myself and others didn’t make the cut.

Before we wine and cry about not being selected, stop and think. Did you see how many sessions were up for vote? Friend please! There were so many good ones. I appreciate all the work that the event staff have put in this far along.


So…. What is VMunderworld? Well the masses of us got our rejection confirmations today, and we are struggling to determine what we are going to do with these great ideas we have, if not presentations already fleshed out to some respect.

The Twitter folk (you know, the cool kids) were talking today and VMunderworld was born. Props to Luigi Danakos (@NerdBlurt) for engaging in the conversation and Cody Bunch (@Cody_Bunch) for offering BrownBag topics for the vRejects.

What will this VMunderworld be? I have no flipping idea. Luigi dropped a blog post tonight, and let’s get some ideas out there. Keep the comments over on Luigi’s blog so we can consolidate the great ideas. Cheers!

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