Take the vendor’s word for it, or demo yourself?

I was going to write this on TechRepublic, but I though it blurred lines of disclosure. Therefore, I’ll put it here instead.


We all need the right tools for our jobs. In this blog post, IT pro Rick Vanover puts forth the question of if we should just put the tools in our labs or rely on their materials? Share your opinion on this contentious topic.

Let’s face it, we all have to make choices on tools to use in our environments. It is a great challenge to decide what tools to use, and further; be 100% confident in the decision we are making.

I frequently get the question of, “How is your tool different than ..x” For this question, I simply highlight the obvious differences; such as “Veeam supports these features…” and then I’ll follow-it up with, “But don’t take my word for it. Download an eval and install it in your lab and make your own decision.”

What is your opinion on that stance? I’m being a little light on the handholding, but want people to reach that “AH-HA” moment on their own. If they have  a question of why something is happening, or how do I “x”; sure I’ll help. But simply asking me what tool is better will always yield a shallow answer.

Tell me what you think on this approach!


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