VMware vSphere 5 announced

As if it is a big secret, VMware announced vSphere 5 today. This is not really a surprise to me. I guess that virtualization just moves this fast. Today’s announcement comes just over 2 years after vSphere 4 was released. I guess it seems like forever ago.


There are a number of new features of vSphere 5 that I have latched on to and have been working hard on. I’ve sent a number of blogs over to TechRepublic, so stay tuned for these on Twitter. I also just helped the real meister, Nigel Poulton, record a big Infosmack deepdive on VMware vSphere 5. We had two home run guests, Frank Denneman and Duncan Epping. Stay turned for that.


There are scores of new features with vSphere 5 that I’ve already blogged on, and will be released over time. Primarily at TechRepublic and soon at Virtualization Review (hey, I still write there also!).

Here is a quick take on some of the new features and my take on them:

  • Storage DRS: Automatic migration based on latency and free space. Good stuff, probably the best feature of vSphere 5 IMHO; but it’s really for the largest enterprises. I don’t see SMB’s benefitting from it much.
  • VMFS-5: This is good stuff. Maximum LUN can be 64 TB, how cool is that! The sub-block algorithm is also improved to be 8KB as well as 1 MB block is good enough for everything.
  • vSphere vStorage Appliance: This is actually the only “net-new” product, but basically the local storage is presented as an NFS datastore, mirrored across another host (2 or 3 hosts).
  • Profile-Driven Storage: This is an extension of the vSphere Storage APIs, and allows storage arrays to integrate with vCenter for via server-side plug-ins or Vendor Providers.
  • Scale: No surprise here, we can now make VMs of 1 TB of RAM and 32 vCPU. I’ve yet to run across a need for that, but it’s good to know that I can do it.
  • Many, many more things announced and more to come.

These are only the highlights, and there will be more to come on this. Stay tuned to my primary blogs (I’ll link aggregate them here) for more on vSphere 5.

Let’s also take a time to plug Duncan and Frank’s book, VMware vSphere 5.0 Clustering Technical Deepdive:


It is available now on Kindle for only $9.99 –> What a deal! Get In!


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