vSphere 5 topic du jour Infosmack deepdive

I again had the high honor of co-hosting the new Infosmack deepdive, and mates – we hit a homerun on this one! We lined up a motley bunch of 5 of the best to chew into these new features for vSphere 5. Forget the licensing talk for now, let’s get into the details of the product.


On the podcast we had Duncan Epping, Michael Heffernan, Nigel Poulton (host)Frank Dennemanand your Token Rickatron.


Enough of my blabber! Mozy on over to Infosmack and listen to this rockstar podcast!



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  1. […] vSphere 5 discussed (and Storage DRS) on Infosmack Deepdive […]


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