ShareFile approved for Apple Store

I’ve covered cloud storage a bit, and one of the products I like a lot is ShareFile. It is an enterprise-class file sharing solution that leverages cloud storage. It is fundamentally different than DropBox, and has a lot of under-the-hood differences that make it special.

The news of the day is that their app is approved in the Apple application store. While I’m not an Apple fanboi… The iPad is winning and I’m conceding to it. I actually hate the Apple business model and leadership attitude; but they are winning on features, applications and price. I’ll probably buy one. Holding out for Android, but really – I am probably just wasting my time.

Anyways, to the news… ShareFile now has Apple, Android and BlackBerry support. Good stuff and really a must for true collaboration today.


Here are some excerpts of the new functionality:

  • ShareFile’s iPad, Android tablet and BlackBerry applications are currently available and are free to download for ShareFile customers.
  • All data transmitted between ShareFile’s tablet and smartphone applications and user’s mobile device is encrypted, adding an extra layer of security that’s necessary for sensitive business files.
  • ShareFile’s iPad and Android tablet applications will play to the strengths of tablet devices:
  • Optimized for a tablet screen resolution and processing power
  • Users can browse files or folders and share them via ShareFile without downloading
  • Users have seamless access to all files and folders on their account
  • Downloaded files can be accessed even while offline

I’ve toyed with ShareFile a few times, and while it is more expensive than DropBox; I believe it is a better product.

Happy file sharing!


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