Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular controller software first look

Here in the lab I am giddy like a kid. I’m installing an HDS AMS 2300. The AMS is the modular storage component for the Hitachi Data Systems line of storage products. I’ve worked a lot with them in the past as a blogger, so this is good to get my hands on the kit.

The instructions are pretty clear for setting up the controller and the array, but I like the approach that HDS takes on setting up the management software. The first step is to install the Storage Navigator Modular 2 software. This installs as a web service on a designated admin console. The main splash screen is shown here:


This web service installation allows the actual disk controllers (with their default IP addresses) to be configured through the tool. So, if you log into the controllers at the default IP address with a browser; you don’t get too much useful information:


The magic starts when the controller (Pair) is added into the Storage Navigator Modular software. This is added as an array  within the software. This is shown below:

From there, the bottom buttons to “Show and Configure Array” lead to the specific configuration tasks. More blog posts to come!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by patrik on January 21, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    HI please,
    Can you guide how to install the Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular controller software in a lab.
    I am working on emc clariion and dont have any idea and my company is ordered the hitachi storage.
    so i need to practice or else i can loose my job.
    so please guide.
    how to install the software in a lab.
    will be really thankfull to you.


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