What is the #CXIParty?

If you are following Tweets from either EMC World or VMworld in Las Vegas this year, you may have noticed the #CXIParty. This party is a creation of Christopher (not Chris!) Kusek. Christopher is a little bit of everything, and among the most interesting people I know. I recommend you follow him on Twitter @CXI and check out his blog at PKGuild.com.

Anyways, so what is the #CXIParty? Well, here are the facts based on my observations:

  • He gets one (or more) of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve ever seen (Both times at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas). I took a quick video of the view from the balcony of the 40-somethingth-floor from the EMC World / Interop party:
  • There is beer and liquor – There are also potato chips. Ridiculous amounts of potato chips.
  • CXI  is a play on Christopher’s nickname from his closest circles, Chrissie. Please, call him Christopher.
  • Anyone can come
  • The events are sponsored
  • Registration is a good idea (he communicates it well)
  • Things can get a little, odd. Sorry, Matt, but this was too good to pass up. @MattVogt shown in a finer moment:

So, it’s pretty clear that we have some fun at the CXIParty.  While, I go to these; I don’t drink too much. I’ve learned that at any point “THE ONE GUY” who doesn’t drink will walk up to me and start asking complicated things about Veeam or VMware; and I need to deliver, can’t miss the opportunity to evangelize either about my company or technology in general.

Above all else, it is Tech People Talking. Try to leave the vendor pitches at the door, if I’m asked of course I’ll answer. But, it is a community thing.

But, it may seem a little in the odd category. That’s OK. It’s not your normal party.

If you have the chance at the next major event to attend a CXIParty, I recommend you do it.

Much respect to Christopher for organizing it, Props to the sponsors for sponsoring it and I hope to see you guys there. Ciao for now!   Rickatron!


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