Free TwinStrata Backup for Veeam Customers

One of the things I have been working on is backing up to the cloud. Further, wouldn’t it be cool to put our virtual machine backups in the cloud also?

Well, look no further than TwinStrata!


TwinStrata just announced a  partnership that allows Veeam backups to be ported to the AWS S3 Cloud (on RRS) for free via the CloudArray appliance. The free offering is limited to 1 TB of virtual machines, and is good for any Veeam customer. COOL!

I have used the CloudArray appliance at work (and I’ve got some stuff coming on it); but here is the arrangement of the solution:


The TwinStrata CloudArray will present an iSCSI target to the Veeam Backup & Replication server. There, you can put all (or some) of your Veeam jobs to be uploaded to the AWS cloud. The VM appliance running CloudArray is provisioned with some amount of cache. Let’s take a simple example:

  • CloudArray is provisioned with 100 GB as a cache
  • Veeam writes a 75 GB backup file
    • The backup lands on the CloudArray at LAN/SAN speed and is managed to the cloud in the background.
  • If the Veeam backup exceeds the 100 GB, and TwinStrata can’t move it to the cloud quick enough (upload bandwidth); latency to the iSCSI target would be injected to accommodate the situation.
    • I live in a world of good storage and poor bandwidth, so I would make the appliance have plenty of room to cache all backup jobs arriving nicely.

    I like this concept as a replacement for having tapes get lost in a warehouse. So, check out the free appliance download. I’ve glazed over this; but hopefully enough to pique your interest!


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