Guest post at the Direct 2 Dell blog: 5 Reason a Multi-hypervisor World is a Good Thing

Recently, I had the high honor of guest posting on the Direct 2 Dell blog! Here is the synopsis of my post:

If you haven’t noticed, there is more than one hypervisor in today’s virtualization competition. For the longest time it seemed like VMware vSphere was the only game in town. Fast forward to Dell World 2011, and one of the central themes is driving data center innovation in the virtual era. Virtualization has grown up, and the benefits of virtualization simply can’t be topped in the IT ways of the past.   How is this innovation driven by virtualization?

Click here to read the full post at the Direct 2 Dell blog!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, This is really an honor to publish your post at Direct2Dell.
    I am also looking for a post on direct2dell, please can you guide me that how can I offer them our post?


  2. It’s not my site, so I don’t have editorial jurisdiction.


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