Guest Post: The New Virtual Reality

I recently did a guest post at the HP TechBiz site. An excerpt of my post:

Virtualization has taken on a number of different meanings over the years, but none more fitting than it becoming the default decision for today’s infrastructure decisions. This can be viewed in a number of different ways. Most notably, many organizations have adopted a "virtualization first" for new server builds and core infrastructure investments.

Virtualization First
The virtualization first approach is really the manifestation of a virtualization being used, tested and approved for production workloads coupled with the cost savings. That’s how we got here, but all we have done since then is add layers of justification for virtualization that we simply can’t match on the traditional way of delivering infrastructure to our internal stakeholders. These additional justification points include being able to protect virtual machines to a higher degree than what we can do with a physical machine at a fraction of the price, migrate across different hardware and storage products with ease, and most importantly deliver the services at the required availability and performance levels that our stakeholders continue to expect of us.

Read my entire guest post at the HP TechBiz site.


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