Top 5 Dream Jobs for the Rickatron

Everyone can dream, right? Well, here is something I’ve wanted to blog about for a while – My Dream Jobs. But before I get into them, they are just a dream. Meaning; it will probably never happen. But, one can dream, right?


image1.Governor of Michigan

Probably sounds a bit odd; but that’s my #1 dream job. I can’t explain it, but I’d feel like I’d like it and do well at it.

“MY HEART” is in Michigan, and I’d need to have the heart in it to do something like that.




image2. Food truck proprietor

Now, this is a possibility. I could create a menu and get it right for the masses. I do have skills in the kitchen. I’d have a varietal offering plus some staples. I’d see premium salads, Mexican specialties like chilaquiles, falafel and other things I make well. Add my spice SKILL and we’d be in business!



3.Long distance courier

I like to drive places, I could enjoy that and presumably deal with the low-stress of moving something critical from point A to point B. I’d need a nice car, however.

image4. Interior decorator, specializing in basement finishing

Don’t laugh. I can do this, with an artistic flare that you wouldn’t expect. I don’t have a portfolio to share; but I know I’d like it and could do it. Plus, its way more fun when you are designing on behalf of someone else’s money.


image5. Site selection engineer

While I’ve left the supply chain logistics field for a few years now, I still have the knack for it and can’t take this out of my brain. I’d love to analyze markets and place things like stores, distribution centers and supply chain networks.


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