More free stuff – Monitor VMware within System Center with Veeam for free!


When it comes to monitoring vSphere, everyone’s requirements may be different. But one thing is for sure, there is some amount of Microsoft technologies in most virtualized datacenters. At Veeam, we focus extensively on the System Center series of products. In particular, our System Center Operations Manager Management Pack for vSphere truly bridges the gap for app-to-metal visibility throughout your environment.

Bringing vSphere into an enterprise monitoring solution is a big step for many environments. Too frequently, vSphere is omitted from the rest of the monitoring and alert management processes because it is a different technology or it is administered by a different group. The fact is, with the right solution vSphere can be put into the same framework as any other solution in the datacenter. That’s where the Veeam Management Pack, or Veeam MP, comes in.

The Veeam MP leverages an agentless collection architecture that collects against the vSphere environment and feeds it into a management pack in order to put VMware right in with every other technology that is part of the enterprise.


It just makes sense to connect the two worlds of your IT environment, and with our recent announcement providing 10 sockets of our MP for free. That’s right. You can use our MP to monitor up to 10 sockets (individual ESX(i) hosts) in System Center 2012 Operations Manager. The free package also includes technical support for the installation.

Sometimes a picture is better than words, so I think the figure below sums it up well. This is one view in System Center Operations Manager that shows the full vSphere infrastructure; but allows you to drill down into the guest virtual machine. Couple that with the SCOM agent data that is collected, and you have incredible depth of data. The figure below shows you browsing the vSphere infrastructure and identifying a VM on a specific host, then identifying which IIS web sites are running on that VM. This truly connects the dots from the applications to the vSphere infrastructure on a leading platform such as System Center Operations Manager:
(Click to enlarge)


This is yet another step where Veeam is committed to helping everyone embrace and fully realize the potential of virtualization. To get started, go here to find out more and to download the Veeam


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