Multi-Switch Management.. make sense?

On 7-May, Apcon announced new simple network management with new Titan EP series for multi-switch management. Here is a pre-release of their press release:


Wilsonville, Ore., May 7, 2013APCON, the industry leader in intelligent network monitoring and security support solutions, today announced at Interop Las Vegas 2013 the latest major release of TITAN EP, plus a first look at the application on a mobile platform. TITAN EP is the only multi-switch management system in the industry that allows enterprises to manage, share and monitor all APCON switches and devices across the entire network with a 360-degree view from a single point of control.

The new TITAN EP release ensures full compatibility with the recent APCON Firmware release which includes a new 40G inter-switch trunk solution to help enterprises support security and performance monitoring tools in the 40G network environment. TITAN EP upgrades and features include:

· Labeled ports and switches organized hierarchically for convenient management and tracking

· A range of connection configurations between switch ports, including filters

· Real-time status of each switch, simplifying management process and increasing productivity

· Customizable manual or automated connection paths, allowing the end-user more control of the network

· Customizable usage reports for convenient analysis

· Trunking support to ensure optimal bandwidth and traffic flow

“For large enterprise networks, packet aggregation switches have emerged as the new standard for sharing monitoring devices. TITAN EP goes further than any other offering — with a single point to manage every network monitoring switch in the network,” said Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON. “The level of sophistication we’ve achieved with TITAN is in large part due to working closely with our Fortune 500 customers to ensure a complete switch management solution that meets today’s network monitoring needs.”

Stop by the APCON booth #727 to learn more about TITAN EP and get a first glimpse of TITAN EP for mobile, or visit:


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