Newest AwesomeSauce: Veeam Explorer for SQL

SQL Server is one of those applications that we all care very much about, so much so, that we want some serious protection offerings. That’s why we are very excited to announce Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL. This solves a real problem for SQL Servers by giving additional restore options that can address entire DB issues all the way down to the specific transaction, and of course we can still restore the whole VM and more.

Let’s break down the three new things that Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL bring to the table:

1. Whole DB Recovery: For most situations (90%+) this is going to be what will get you out of a jam quickly for one or more databases. Using Veeam Explorer for SQL, you can simply right-click on the database and restore it from the full image-based backup that was taken.
Of course this all depends on your recovery requirements, and with certain situations – you may want to restore just one database that may provide one application without touching the other databases on this same SQL Server that impact other applications. This is an easy restore scenario, and like the additional options described below – it does not require SQL expertise.

2. T-Logs and Point in Time. The second scenario that comes with Veeam Explorer for SQL is that now the transaction log backups and point in time recovery options are available. This is made possible by new options that work in conjunction with the image-based backup that already ready has over 27 restore scenarios from one agentless backup. The figure below shows how you can configure SQL transaction log backups:

The transaction log backups and point in time recovery options allow Veeam customers to address recovery situations that can’t quite be covered in the first option. For example, if you set up a SQL Server Backup – you now are able to restore one or more databases to a specific logged point. This is by a new feature that will copy the backup logs to the specified interval in the figure above. The Veeam Explorer for SQL wizard then goes into a truly awesome set of restore options, the first will use the transaction logs to generate a point it time recovery as shown below:

This will read the image backup we have, plus the transaction logs we’ve gathered in the backup engine to give you this specific restore scenario and can address by some estimates 30% of the SQL restore scenarios where a specific, advanced recovery is needed.

3. Transaction rollback. The third excellent feature that Veeam Explorer for SQL brings is the ability to roll back to a specific transaction that caused you grief. This is for the very rare restore scenario, and based on our support case data and what we gather from the forums, is the rarest restore case (1-5% of situations). But what if you need it and you don’t have a SQL DBA?

This is where Veeam Explorer for SQL will shine!

You can go to the next level and select the specific transaction option in the wizard above, and find the database action that needs to be undone. The database will then be restored to the transaction right before the undesired one as shown in the figure below:

As you can see, Veeam Explorer for SQL Server brings serious options to your data protection arsenal – the best part is that you don’t need to be a SQL DBA!

We don’t yet have a beta for this tool – but stay tuned!

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