Product Review: Black & Blum EAU GOOD DUO water filter & infuser

I recently had a chance to review the Box Appetit water filter & infuser from Black & Blum.  This is a new product among a great list of modern food and drink offerings. While I’ll be talking about the water filter and infuser, but they have stainless steel sandwich boxes, bento boxes, meal prep packs and many other swanky products.


This new water filter and infuser is really unique and will be clutch for active persons as well as those who want quality filtered water and a nice infusion option as well. There is a Kickstarter page where you can back this product as well. Here is a quick promo video on the EAU GOOD DUO:

Lacking the Hollywood effect, I did my own video just to show the handling of the unit. Here’s my look, touch and feel of the unit right out of the box:



Right off the bat, I noticed that almost all of the materials in the EAU GOOD DUO is A) easy to open and B) recyclable. This is actually a very good impression to me.


I really like the hand strap on the unit. This has many use cases. On my bike, I’d easily be able to sip while keeping one hand on the wheel and being able to drink while riding. The smooth lines on the bottle are also pleasant and natural to the touch. There is a nice loop on the top for easy grabbing and possibly clicking onto a backpack or maybe on a surface on a boat.

Also a nice engineering metric on the bottle is a nudge that will “prop” the binchotan charcoal filter into place. It’s latched into place so that the filter has a good amount of surface area within the water bottle. The instructions recommend that you can use the filter for as little as 1 hour to have “good” water, 4 hours to have “better” water and 8 hours to have “great” water with the filter. The filter lasts 6 months and at the end of its use; it can be burned or broken down into fertilizer.


I had to took this up! Apparently it is an activated charcoal; this means it pressed at a high temperature that changes its structure a bit by reducing the size of pores and increasing surface area. Binchotan and other activated charcoals are noted for their historical anecdote characteristics and modern trends.



The sipper (is that what they are called?LOL) is nice and smooth. It works in any direction as it is perfectly circular symmetrical. Unlike some “spout” type that only work in one orientation, this would work well for left-handed, right-handed, use upside down, over the head and any other position. Also on the inside of the sipper is nice, small, filter in case you go the infusion route to your water tastes to keep the fruit/herbs in the bottle. The bottle is 700 ml or 24 fluid ounces; which is a very versatile liquid quantity. Not too much that it won’t fit inside a bike carrier or be too heavy; yet plenty to hydrate for about any athletic situation.

Final verdict

I have gone a few days using this bottle, both for filtered water and infused water. Shown below is my mint infusion, easy to do with mint, it grows very well here!

2017-11-02 07.09.08

The bottle has been a conversation starter and well received around the office. In regards to the usability, I rank it very high. The bottle fits well in many places with the only issue I have found is that the “sipper” is best pulled out with your fingers versus your teeth (it’s pretty firm). Overall I really like the unit.

It may be a bit hard to get excited about a water bottle; but I like the look and feel of this unit. I will be giving this one a run in my travel rig. It’s light when empty, “clickable” to my backback and is pliable versus the rigid aluminum one I have traveled with before.

Disclosure: I was provided a sample unit at no cost.

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