Root7 Geo Glass Review: Swanky Drinkware!

I recently had the opportunity to review the Geo Glass Gold drinkware kit from Root 7. If you are going to enjoy a nice drink; proper drinkware should be part of the plan.

2017-11-09 22.14.06

The glassware comes in a pack of two glasses and has an interesting box, being a long hexagon shape. The shipping and gifting of a box like this should be fine as there is crushed cardboard inside to support the glasses from any movement.


This is the newest product (and they are launching it in the US) from many nice offerings from this UK brand. Root7 has an interesting variety of other products such as a really sleek whiskey wedge, water infusers, tumblers, canteens, salt shot glasses (interesting!) mugs and other drinkware. The whiskey wedge has a boot that allows you to freeze water in half of the glass to make an ice cube fixed in to then top with a fine drink; bartender’s trick!


I was provided a complimentary sample of the Geo Glasses (set of 2, £18 value) and gave them a run. The hexagonal shape “fidgets” nicely in a hand, which is a good characteristic of a drink that presumably you will slip slowly to enjoy. One thing that was not clear to me at first was how to drink it. Do you drink in the angular corner or on the flat of the hexagon? The good thing is that both work fine however it is marginally easier to use the flat part of one of the sides to sip from.

A gave a drink with a nice aged rum that I got in Venezuela about 12 years ago, and I very much enjoyed the drink in the Geo. A completely full fill with no ice is around 310 milliliters for this cup, so my guess during the video (below) was pretty accurate.


  • Stylish look, and a proper glass for a proper liquor
  • Works well in hand and has good orientation of what is where


  • The metal coloring of the geo lines would make the unit unfit for use in the microwave
  • The glass is relatively thin, so a beverage may warm quickly

Bottom Line

  • This a good glass to serve a special beverage in

You can find more about the Geo Glasses on the Root7 website.

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