Blogger Disclosure Information

As a blogger it is now important that disclosures are made for all applicable interests. This is the official blogger disclosure resource for Rick W. Vanover.

Issue:  This document was last revised in May 6, 2012.

Statement of Neutrality, Alignment and Interests

I work for Veeam Software, makers of data protection and virtualization management tools. My commercial blogging will focus on general virtualization, servers, networking and storage to not overlap/contradict with Veeam’s interests.

Prior to November 29,2010: I attest that I had no situation in my professional work experience or blogging activities that would prohibit an objective perspective of any product or company. No situation in my professional work experience or blogging activities would place any technology situation in any conflict of interest.

Commercial Content List

I have engaged in commercial (paid and non-paid) content (blogs, articles, print materials, speaking engagements, podcasts, webcasts, judging events, etc.) for the following organizations:

    1105 Media
    CBS Interactive
    United Business Media, c/o QuinStreet, Inc.
    Tabor Communications, Inc.

I also have provided one or more speaking engagements without commercial exchange (other than limited expense reimbursement) to Gartner.

Part of my role with Veeam, I contribute to a number of products; including the Veeam Blog.

Since my employment with Veeam, the only ongoing paid commercial blog source for regular content will be CBS Interactive (TechRepublic).

Additional content is also published at the HP TechBiz site, this content is done for free and separate of my professional responsibilities.

Key Material Interests

I have material interest in Veeam Software.

Prior to November 29,2010: I had no direct, material interest in any technology company that I cover as part of my blogging activities. There may be stocks in technology companies that are part of my 401(k) via mutual funds, but I do not have direct stock in any of the companies I cover.

All posts on the commercial content sites and my personal site are identified as me. There has been one specific occasion where I have used an author alias. I will explain that upon request. Email me at: and ask for alias blog post information.

In regards to my Twitter identity, I have never maintained a false or impersonated identity in active Twitter content. As a person, I am @RickVanover on Twitter. For work, I post to Twitter (and Facebook) on behalf of @Veeam, @HyperVBear and @BckpAcademy. I do have a few test Twitter accounts, only to test things like applications. I do have one heckler Twitter alias, @CloudZombies.

I am not @Fake_Farley or @StorageZombies.

Paid Tweets
The @RickVanover Twitter stream has never had any paid Tweets.

Other Social Media

I maintain one alias FaceBook account to test FaceBook access for “normal users” versus page administrators. Email me for information on that, reference Facebook alias.

Events, Conferences, Tradeshows

Blogging Events

I have participated in events such as GestaltIT Tech Field Day, HP Tech Day, Hitachi Data Systems blogger day, Microsoft workshops for possible upcoming products and other similar events. These events are sessions optimized for bloggers which may be public information or pre-release information under embargo or non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  

These may be sponsored directly by technology companies; which provided me airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and meals while visiting technology companies. I also received nominal promotional materials (pens, notepads, apparel, etc.) from the technology company sponsors of the events. These events are always normal and standard in nature, there is no extravagant treatment in the means involved (meals, travel, etc.). All of these events are of the same standard of how I would travel on my own or as a typical employer would arrange (airfare, hotel, meals, transportation, etc.).

When I participate in blogging events like the ones listed above, in most situations the blog posts that end up on the commercial sites are pro-bono. The general test is if I do additional research or product evaluations on the material after the blogging events, it can be revenue blogging material.

There was one event where I paid for the airfare to the event and the event organizers extended the hotel two nights as I took two days for sightseeing.

I am now removed from the “traveling blogger circuit” with my new role with Veeam Software.

VMware has provided me complimentary access to VMworld, I still am responsible for travel and related expenses. Some meals are available at the event.

Revenue and Operations

Ad Revenue
The,, and sites do not have any ad revenue arrangements.

My commercial blogging interests may have ad revenue, administered by each site. I do not receive a portion of that revenue, all of my commercial material is flat-rate.

Direct Revenue
All revenue to me comes only from the commercial sites listed above for content that is paid content under terms of the site. This revenue is reported via my tax filings and subject to all applicable taxes.

The Veeam blogging activities are part of the responsibilities of my position with Veeam Software.

Indirect Revenue
To date, I have had no indirect revenue from any of my blogging activities.

Comment Moderation
All comments are posted on my, Rickatron.US blogs. To date, I’ve not had a valid comment not be passed through moderation. WordPress has a SPAM engine that picks up some comments, which I review.

If a comment use language I find offensive, I reserve the right to delete the comment. Otherwise, all comments will be permitted on the site.

For my material that ends up on the commercial sites listed above, each site manages their comment process to their standards and requirements. I have no control over that process.

New Media Productions
Aside from the commercial blogging materials listed above, I have also participated in a series of podcasts such as InfoSmack, Virtumania and others that is not produced by the organizations listed above. These involve no exchange of any type. The Veeam Community Podcast is part of my work responsibility at Veeam, but all guests are on there for free and no exchange is made for that podcast as well.

Direct and Indirect Exchanges

I have been provided a number of complimentary TrainSignal instructional materials.

I have received numerous books from Edward Haletky from his series of books on virtualization. I will happily accept other books from other authors as well, email me to send them.

I have been provided a long-term evaluation of a new Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e plus two ThinkVision displays.

CloudBerry Labs
I have been provided NFR long-term evaluation licenses for a number of CloudBerry products.

Earth Fare Supermarkets
Earth Fare provided me a USD $50 gift card to allow me to review their new store in Columbus. I was also provided another card of the same amount, which I offered on Twitter in a “first one to respond” format as a social media promotion.

Maxnet NOS-PS PXE Server
I have been provided an NFR long-term evaluation of the NOC-PS PXE server provisioning system virtual appliance.

Data Robotics provided me with a coupon code good for a discount from their online store. I used this to purchase my own DroboPro unit. Subsequently, two additional DroboElite units were provided to me at no cost (I purchased the hard drives). I donated one of them to a person at a local school.

Door Prizes

  • I have received a free copy of Visio 2007 as a door prize.
  • I won a Na Baz Tag bunny as a door prize.
  • I won a NetApp H2Go water bottle as a door prize at a VMUG.
  • I won a Flip F360B shoot and share camera at a NetApp user group meeting (Tech OnTap Tour).
  • I was provided access to the Microsoft company store, where I purchased miscellaneous items at a nice discount.

I have been provided a free NETGEAR ReadyNAS Ultra 6 drive array. I purchased the hard drives, however.

Meetings Over a Meal
In the course of the business side my social media endeavors, I have received one or more free meals from the following organizations: Veeam, Ohio Valley Storage Consultants, TechRepublic, Qualys and PlateSpin.

Microsoft has provided me a discounted TechNet Plus subscription for 2010. I renewed for 2011 out of my own pocket.

PassMark Software

I have been provided a complimentary installation of BurnInTest Pro for use in comparative performance efforts for various blog posts or articles.

Legal Interpretation

PMDLegal provided me with a free interpretation of the new FTC regulations for my blogging activity.

Miscellaneous Evaluation Equipment

Over the years, I have received a number of products. This includes an ioSafe storage device, an old Google Search Appliance, as well as an older eSoft firewall.

Relationship to Employer

My blogging practice has always maintained a separation between my professional responsibilities of my employer, current and prior. The overlap is limited to the technology that generically applies, and all blogging is approved by employer for mentioning my place of employment. Prior employers are not in the technology spaces that I cover with my blogging interests, but for good measure the prior employers: Alliance Data, Safelite, Dematic and Siemens.

My position with Veeam Software permits me limited blogging as prescribed above and detailed in an agreement with Veeam Software.

If you have any questions about this material, please contact me via email at

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